Just chilling with music on your server

Lucretia is our new little Music Bot. Just use here to simple listen music fom Youtube with your friends. We made this Bot open source and linked the link in the Information Command but this Bot here is a better versions of the public one so enjoy the new and better Features made by our Team.

Lucretia commands:

-ping - checks the bot's latency
-settings - shows the bots settings


-lyrics [song name] - shows the lyrics to the currently-playing song
-nowplaying - shows the song that is currently playing
-play <title|URL|subcommand> - plays the provided song
-playlists - shows the available playlists
-queue [pagenum] - shows the current queue
-remove <position|ALL> - removes a song from the queue
-search <query> - searches Youtube for a provided query
-scsearch <query> - searches Soundcloud for a provided query
-shuffle - shuffles songs you have added
-skip - votes to skip the current song


-forceremove <user> - removes all entries by a user from the queue
-forceskip - skips the current song
-movetrack <from> <to> - move a track in the current queue to a different position
-pause - pauses the current song
-playnext <title|URL> - plays a single song next
-repeat [on|off] - re-adds music to the queue when finished
-skipto <position> - skips to the specified song
-stop - stops the current song and clears the queue
-volume [0-150] - sets or shows volume


-prefix <prefix|NONE> - sets a server-specific prefix
-setdj <rolename|NONE> - sets the DJ role for certain music commands
-settc <channel|NONE> - sets the text channel for music commands
-setvc <channel|NONE> - sets the voice channel for playing music