A Multipurpose Bot

A Multipurpose Bot that Includes Features Such as Configuration Commands, Moderation Commands, Fun/Memey Commands, Animal Commands, Economy and Music Commands(soon), and NSFW Commands . The Bot Was Made About 2 Months ago, I wouldn't say its a "Really Good" Bot, But From my Perspective I'd say its pretty decent! Moderation Commands Include: Ban - Bans Users kick - kicks users warn - Warns Users Clear - Clears Messages Lock - Locks Channels Unlock - Unlocks Channels More! Economy Commands Include: Balance Beg daily leaderbord More Soon! NSFW Commands Include: hgif pmeme hmeme (Only Works on NSFW Channels) Fun Commands Include Some of the Following: number colour pp simp And More! Animal Commands Include Some of the Following: Duck Fox Dog and More! Make Sure to Check Out The Bot Now!