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A fun bot with tons of moderation commands and fun user commands!

To run a command in your server, use h! command or @Hexx#3560 command. For example, h! prefix or @Hexx#3560 prefix.
To run a command in a DM, simply use the command with no prefix.

Use help <command> in a DM to view detailed information about a specific command.
Use help all in a DM to view a list of all commands, not just available ones.

Available commands in your server by default:

Admin-Only Commands
ban: Bans a member/bot. Note: Bot role needs to be higher than the member/bot.
kick: Kicks a member/bot. Note: Bot role needs to be higher than the member/bot.
purge: Purges up to 100 messages. Note: Messages cannot be older than 14 days.
resetwarns: Reset warnings of mentioned person
warn: Warn anyone who do not obey the rules
warnings: Get the warnings of yours or mentioned person

Important or Not-Important Stuff.
about: Sends information about the bot.
invite: Sends bot invite.
inviteserver: Sends support server invite link.
servercount: Shows the server count!
setleave: Sets the leave channel. ADMINISTRATOR ONLY
setwelcome: Sets the welcome channel. ADMINISTRATOR ONLY
subc: Shows New SkyReaper#2998's sub count.
uptime: Shows the uptime of the bot.

Fun Commands!
dm: Sends a message to the user you mention.
embed: Embeds the text you provide.
joke: Gives you a random joke.
lyrics: Searches for your lyrics desired.
meme: Gives you a random meme.
minesweeper: Plays minesweeper.
nuke: Nukes people!
punch: Punches people!
roll: Rolls a dice.
say: Says what you would like.

Money Commands!
add: Gives you as much as you want (administrator only).
balance: Gives you your balance.
daily: Gives you 100 point daily.
remove: Removes the amount of money chosen.

AFK Commands!
afk: You become AFK for whatever reason. Can be used by anyone.
unafk: You stop being afk with this command. Can be used by anyone.

groups: Lists all command groups.
enable: Enables a command or command group.
disable: Disables a command or command group.
reload: Reloads a command or command group.
load: Loads a new command.
unload: Unloads a command.

help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.
prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.
ping: Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server.
eval: Executes JavaScript code.