Mako is a Discord moderation and fun bot it has plenty of commands
Maka Commands FUN COMMANDS 8ball, meme, say, dog, giveaway, gif, minesweeper, akinator, fakequote user , anime, animememe, ascii, coinflip, communist, divorce, dog, pikachu, password, poke, pokedex, punch, sadcat, scrap, timmer, wallpaper, wink, cuddle, kitsune, circle MODS COMMANDS ban, createrole, kick, deletechannel, lockdown, purge ECONOMY COMMANDS bal, pay, daily, leaderboard, gamble, work INFOMATION COMMANDS avatar, ping, donate, help, addme, serverinfo, stats UTILITIES COMMANDS pool, createinvite, math, define, ascii, weather IMAGES COMMANDS blur, avatar, scary, slap, snow, amiajoke, cat, magik, hug, pikachu, invert, dog, facepalm, captcha, jail, tobecontinued, wasted, challenger, distort, trigger, achievement, approved, rejected,beautiful, blurple, burn, crush, deepfry, missionpassed, moustache, ps4, rip, scary, wanted, distort, 3000years Music Commands play, resume, pause, nowplaying, loop, queue, skip, stop