A multi-purpose bot whose name is that of a Paradox.

Paradoxium, Snowflake, is a revisioned version of the previous version: Paradoxium, Icicle which aims to further improve and bring the bot to a state of which it is considered clean.


The bot has several modules from Author, Social to Anime and more; it can be used to provide hourly images, images every 40 minutes of a certain genre of anime, this function is what we call: Yuri Universe, or for the waifu version, Waifu World.


The bot also has moderation features such as a full-on warning system, a fancy ban and kick command and some other more such as welcome and leave messages.


Our aim for this version of Paradoxium is to bring her closer to anime than before whilst maintaining its original purpose as a multi-purpose bot. More details of her functions can be found on