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Frying Pan Bot

Frying Pan Bot is a multi-purpose bot designed to enhance your discord server. Has moderation, fun, and utility commands

Frying Pan Bot

Frying Pan Bot has many commands that are designed to boost up your discord server! It has moderation, fun, and utility commands! Note: These commands below are not all of the commands, they are just a general idea. Invite Frying Pan Bot to see all of the commands!


kick: kicks a member
ban: bans a member
mute: mutes a member
unmute: unmutes a member
unban: unbans a member
softban: softbans a member
slowmode: turns on slowmode in a channel
nickname: can nickname a member
delete: purge messages
addrole: adds a role to a member
removerole: removes a role from a member
lock: locks all the channels in a server
unlock: unlocks all the channels in a server


8ball: asks the 8ball a question
animal: shows a random animal
trigger: triggers a member
rps: plays a game of rock paper scissors against the bot
ascii: converts text to ascii
roll: rolls a die
weather: gets the weather in a specific location
urbansearch: searches urban dictionary
dog: shows a random dog
cat: shows a random cat
kitten: shows a random kitten
hamster: shows a random hamster
meme: gets a random meme from Reddit
cleanmeme: gets a random cleanmeme from Reddit
wholesomememe: gets a random wholesomememe from Reddit
joke: gets a random joke from Reddit
calculate: calculates your math problem
coinflip: flips a coin
text: changes color of text


setprefix: sets the bot's prefix
nickname: changes the bot's nickname
stats: gets the bot's stats
userinfo: gets the serverinfo
serverinfo: gets the information of a user
welcome: can set the bot's welcome message in a channel
There are many more features in Frying Pan Bot that you can find out by inviting it now!
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