Not A Bot

this bot has music, Moderation, Fun, Games, levels ad so match more Commands
`$help` for a list of available commands! `$help ` for more info about a command **getting stated with Not A Bot** 1. invite the bot to your server using the invite link provided on this page 2. make sure Not A Bot has permissions to Send Messages and Embed Links 3. edit bot setting at the [web dashboard](https://duui3111.github.io/notabot/index) (Coming soon) 4. you can do `$help` for the list of Commands **Support** If there's any issues you can do `$bug` to report a issue if you need support join our support server [here](https://discord.gg/EnVxmvZ) **Why Not A Bot?** We do not have VIP features all the features are free. we have 24/7 uptime. commands are getting added more often and more fun and useful commends for your server. **Commands List** Here is a list of commands ![logo](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Duui3111/Duui3111.github.io/master/list%20of%20command1.PNG)