An advanced bot with simple to use commands!

Anthem is a bot made for your Discord server! Anthem has many features including moderation, misc & fun, API ping, server statistics and more! Anthem is constantly taking upgrades ever so often, to make it the best Discord bot for you!-

You may be asking, what is specifically in the moderation side?-In the moderation module for anthem, includes:
-Kick + (un)ban system !kick,!ban [userid],!unban [userid] -(Un)lock channel system !lockdown (should be executed in the channel you want to lock) , !unlock (to unlock the channel) -Temp ban (!tempban -Warn system: `!warn [userid] [reason] -Misc & Fun -Ping to see the bot's latency !ping -Weather to see the weather in locations !ping [city/town/area] -Statistics: !botinfo,!userinfo [userid],!serverinfo -Suggestions: '!suggest (must have a suggestions channel where the suggestions will be sent) -Other -Polls: !poll [time] [question] -Announcements: !announce [#channel] [message] -Dm: !dm [userid] [message] -Purge: messages !purge [number] -Auto role colour: `!rolecol [@role] [hexcode #000000] Note: There are many more things which Anthem can do apart from the ones listed above, We aim to update our bot every day with new commands, so expect more in the future!