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A discord bot that can surely do a lot!!
Looking for a bot for your server? Look no further than Azoro, a newly made bot with staff that will aid you willingly, and add the commands that YOU want. This is an all in one bot, basically the result of ALL bots in one. easy to just invite this bot and relax! Already LOADS off commands. Around 20 music commands, so you dont need to add anything. A customizable prefix to make stuff more customizable, and ALL of the moderation commands, including easy shortcuts to add and remove roles, set nicknames and purge messages. Quick access to your server info, easy help command, and lots of extra fun stuff! This bot has memes, inspiration quotes and lots of games like blackjack, connect four, roast, rob, economy commands similar to dank member and so much more. Loads of fun things for avatars, like avatar, avatar fusion, facepalm, fire, love, jail, and so much things for fun! Also has coinflip, insta search, math commands, whois, trivia, tts, urbandictionary, clan poles, reaction roles and SO MUCH MORE COMMANDS! This is such an easy bot, basically the outcome of merging 10 bots together. Whatever your server is for, we guarantee Azoro will ful fill your every need! Please support us and out bot, and good luck with your server, Azoro will make everything so much easier 😉 -Azoro staff team, for any queries please come to our [Support server](https://discord.gg/Vev5AQu)