lz! (customizable)


Lazor is a bot with awesome features. Moderation | Fun | Music | Giveaway | Welcome | Image & more

Lazor, A Discord bot with awesome features is here!

➸ Looking for a Moderation Bot?

Invite Lazor for some awesome moderation commands such as Ban, Kick, Warn, Mute and many more.

➸ Feeling Bored?

Invite Lazor for some awesome funny commands such as Gayrate, Dankrate and many more.

➸ Ever wanted a bot that is able to create Giveaways?

Invite Lazor and check out the Amazing Giveaway commands and make some giveaways.

➸ Feeling Stressed?

Invite Lazor and listen to you favourite Music using the Music feature.

There are also many more features in this bot
So what are you waiting for?
Invite Lazor now and access all these amazing features.

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